Hair must be worn neatly tied back


Teachers must be able to see the dancer’s body outline clearly in order to make proper corrections on posture, alignment and technique. A neat and tidy appearance shows an attitude of attentiveness and respect for students, teachers and the art of dance.


Cathy from EVERYTHING DANCE, 123-125 High St Wodonga is able to help you out with uniform requirements. Her email address is and phone number 02 60568808.


Ballet and tap students have the option of participating in exams later in the year. In this case they will need to wear the uniform on the day. You may want to get the uniform when you can so it is not such an expense for one day and so that the children feel comfortable wearing it.


 Classical Students

If your child has any coloured leotard, this will do to start beginners class. If your child is then to continue it would be appreciated if you would eventually get the uniform.

Junior Girls

* Studio 7 Boysenberry Russian style leotard

* Ballet tights (or short pink or white socks in hot weather for junior students)

Grade 4 upwards: Convertible tights preferred please if possible. This is for pointe preparation foot exercises.

*Optional – Boysenberry/Burgundy chiffon skirt

* matching crossover top in winter

*Pink leather or canvas ballet shoes with elastic

Baby Ballerinas are welcome to wear their own choice of fairy skirt/leotard etc

Senior Girls (Grade 5 exam upwards)

* Black Russian style cotton/lycra leotard

* Optional Black chiffon skirt

  • Hair must be worn neatly tied back in a bun if hair is long enough or dressed close to the head.


* White cotton T shirt, Black tights, (shorts in hot weather), white socks, Black ballet shoes.



Junior Jazz/Hip Hop & Acro Students

* Junior Girls – Boysenberry leotard and black dance shorts or optional uniform crop top and    


* Leather jazz shoes (pull on preferred) – tan colour.

* Boys – shorts, t-shirt & jazz shoes or rabens.

*No shoes required for Acro


 Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Acro & Hip hop students :

BLACK LEOTARD of own choice plus black dance pants or shorts - (nothing big & baggy is to be worn please- no jeans, school uniforms or clothes that are unsuitable to be able to stretch in etc)   OR

Optional uniform items with WWAB logo eg crop top or singlet and dance shorts or tights (available to order/purchase at Masonic Hall.

*Shoes for Jazz : Tan pull-on jazz shoes, Black pull-on jazz shoes for Intermediate/Senior students

*Shoes for Hip Hop : Rabens or sneakers or jazz shoes

*Contemporary & Lyrical - foot thongs, knee pads may be required

*Acro – no footwear required


Tap students :

Junior & Senior girls

* Black Russian style leotard (wide strap), black dance shorts (optional) or ¾ leggings in winter

*Stockings or anklet socks (shimmers are required for exams and end of year production

*Black tap shoes - lace up or buckle



*Black t-shirt,

*black shorts no longer than knee length

*Lace up black tap shoes (please wear black anklet socks with tap shoes for exams)